Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just to Catch Up

Haven't posted on this blog in awhile! And as you can see I've revamped it... Yes, I know you all think I'm crazy because I can't stick to a title or a theme, but oh well! At least I didn't change the url again. I almost did, though.

Not much new has been happening here, and I've been devoting most of my blog time to Hunny Side Up. But it HAS been beautiful here, lately! And today there seems to be zero wind and I so want to pack up the pup and head to the park. Unfortunately I do have a lot to do around here today, and I'm conveniently procrastinating. Oops!

Greyson will be 9 whole months on Sunday. Un-flippin'-believable. He's so huge. He's like 20 lbs. He's not crawling yet but he so wants to. I've been trying to help him, and I keep telling him that for my birthday he can crawl (which is also on Sunday), but he has yet to commit to that, so we'll see.

Speaking of my birthday, I'm going to be 23. Which is nuts because that's such an adult age! There's no escaping it now. I remember wanting to be 23, but I can't remember why. Probably had something to do with my mom not being able to tell me what to do. But my little sister figured that out around age 6 so I don't know what I was waiting for.

And Zack's doing good too! Still working which is always something to be grateful for. Greyson and I met him yesterday for lunch and picnicked at the park, that was great. Like I said, it's been so nice here!

Well, that's about it for now! But check out my other blog if you get a chance - I try to blog in it every day (which means like 5/7 days)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Thing #5
If you aren't following this new blog of mine, you should! It'll probably start being my main one...